BDIOT 2017 
BDIOT 2017 | December 20-22, 2017; London, UK 

BDIOT2017 Group Photos


Simon Fong was delivering the opening remark as Organizing Chair 

Prof. Luiz Moutinho was delivering the Keynote Speech 

Prof. Hui Yu was delivering the Keynote Speech 


Prof. Xin-She Yang was delivering the Keynote Speech  


Assoc. Prof. Victor Chang was delivering the Keynote Speech   

Session I BP-Junyong Park  Session I- Group Photo  Session II BP-Olga Datskova  Session II - Group Photo 
Session III BP-Jongseo Lee & Sanjiv S. Gulshan  Session III - Group Photo  Session IV BP-Yaoyang Wu  Session IV- Group photo 

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